Cat. No: 0530A

Content chocolate gingerbread man 15 g
Product option white paper, kraft paper or ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper and ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers optional,
set protected with 100% recyclable transparent foil,
mini chocolate with a personalization card
Flavour milk chocolate 33% cocoa, white chocolate 36% cocoa butter, dark chocolate 54% cocoa, dark chocolate 72% cocoa, ruby chocolate 47% ruby cocoa, gold caramel chocolate 40% cocoa,,
milk and honey chocolate 33% cocoa, sugar free milk chocolate 33% cocoa, plant based chocolate 42% cocoa, whole fruit chocolate 72% no sugar added
Dimensions card: 57 x 80 mm
Minimum order 500 pcs
Expiry date 8 months
Printing options ticket: digital printing

Possible content

A delightful buddy from rich, creamy chocolate, offering a soothing treat for the palate. If your brand prioritizes quality, creativity, and enjoys surprising customers with inspiring concepts, this buddy is tailor-made for special endeavors.

Within our Advert Card line, each chocolate comes with a personalized card, allowing us to customize the graphic design to suit your preferences. Incorporate your logo, photo, graphic, or content to craft a truly unique element. How will you utilize the Chocolate Man Advert Card? It could feature in a welcome pack for new employees, accompany orders from your online store, or become a part of outdoor promotional campaigns.

The card, fashioned from FSC-certified paper, is available in different colors—white, kraft, or ecru, the latter enriched with grass fibers. Our employment of digital printing ensures top-tier graphic quality.

The entire compact set is meticulously enveloped in transparent foil, providing an environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable safeguard. Smaki Czekolady

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