Content chocolate with personalization 30 g
Product option white paper, kraft paper or ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper and ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers optional,
personalization on packaging and chocolate (graphics on the chocolate),
molding made of R-PET (recycled PET)
Flavour white chocolate 36% cocoa butter
Dimensions 108 x 95 x 15 mm
Minimum order 100 pcs
Expiry date 8 months
Printing options package: digital printing,
chocolate: food digital

Possible content

Rectangular printed chocolate – frighteningly good.

We love Halloween for being able to let our imagination run wild and draw freely on the rich symbolism of the holiday. Rectangular shaped chocolates with a print created especially for Halloween celebrations, surprise with original decoration and delicious taste. If you want to emphasize the creativity and unconventionality of your brand, this product will not disappoint you.

The graphics are made with edible and completely safe food grade color inks from certified suppliers. These are inks without animal ingredients, GMO FREE, with the highest safety approval for pharmaceutical and food use. We make a thin, imperceptible layer of decoration, which does not change the taste of the product.

We placed the chocolate in a package made of FSC-certified paper decorated with Halloween-inspired graphics. We offer a choice of three types of paper: white, kraft and grass fiber paper – the most eco-friendly option. Order this product and incorporate a creative and fun element into your promotional campaign to increase customer engagement.