Cat. No: 0513

Content bespoke chocolate 40 g
Product option white paper, kraft paper or ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper and ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers optional,
molding made of R-PET (recycled PET)
Flavour milk chocolate 33% cocoa, white chocolate 36% cocoa butter, dark chocolate 54% cocoa, dark chocolate 72% cocoa, ruby chocolate 47% ruby cocoa, gold caramel chocolate 40% cocoa,,
milk and honey chocolate 33% cocoa, sugar free milk chocolate 33% cocoa, plant based chocolate 42% cocoa, whole fruit chocolate 72% no sugar added
Dimensions 135 x 137 x 15 mm
Minimum order 100 pcs
Expiry date 8 months
Printing options digital printing

Possible content

Chocolate owl – an idea for a high-end advertising gadget.

Mysterious birds with a penetrating gaze fit perfectly with the dark aesthetic of Halloween, so we used this symbol in our themed collection. Introducing shaped chocolate in the form of an owl created with attention to every detail.

Such a beautiful product needs a proper setting, so we put the chocolate owl in a package with a window. The packaging, made of FSC-certified paper, is available in 3 graphic variants. Each graphic has been created with reference to the Halloween style – so it includes images of ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, etc.

We will personalize the packaging, exposing your brand logo on it, so you will gain an original gadget that will strengthen your advertising message.

The Halloween edition product packaging designs were created by well-known artist Anna Rudak. We can also prepare a customized graphic design especially for you.

We offer a choice of 3 types of paper – white, kraft and ecru – paper with grass fibers – the most ecological option. Smaki Czekolady