Cat. No: 0452A

Content heart-shaped fruit lollipop 7 g with a flyer
Product option white or kraft paper,
optional sugar-free isomalt base
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper optional,
two-sided printing,
possibility to prepare other flavors and colors of lollipop (on individual request),
lollipop stick made from paper,
foil color: transparent,
100% biodegradable packaging with 100% compostable foil
Flavour raspberry with lemon (sour), mint, cola, ice (tongue staining),
mix of flavors: strawberry, apple, lemon, orange or one flavor of your choice: strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry,
Dimensions flyer: 97 x 97 mm, with stick approx. 97 x 113 mm
Minimum order flavor mix: 1000 pcs; one flavor: 7000 pcs; sugar-free option: 14000 pcs
Expiry date 12 Months
Printing options digital printing

Possible content

The perfect medium for your communication with a long-range campaign? Lolly Flyer Heart Fruit Lollipop, which is a large advertising space in a small, handy product!

We prepare the advertising lollipops ourselves in our Caramel Shop, without adding artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. You can choose from as many as 10 flavors (strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, cherry, raspberry, raspberry with lemon, mint, cola, ice)! They are also available in sugar-free options, created with an isomalt base and with the addition of fruits, herbs and flower petals.

A heart-shaped flyer is a guaranteed gigantic advertising area for a small-sized product. We fully personalize the entire flyer with digital printing!

Protip: save money! With the ready-made shape of the flyer, you will not incur any additional high costs.