Cat. No: 0449.

Content heart-shaped fruit lollipop 35 g
Product option white or kraft label to choose from,
uniform colors: red, green, yellow, orange or transparent colors: red, green, yellow, orange or mixed colors: white-yellow, white-orange, white-red and white-green,
100% recyclable monofoil bag or 100% compostable PLA bag
Additional information white paper label by default, kraft label optional,
possibility to prepare other flavors and colors of lollipop (on individual request),
lollipop stick made from wood,
embossing on lollipop
Flavour strawberry, apple, lemon, orange
Dimensions lollipop: 61 x 8 x 68 mm, with stick approx. 61 x 8 x 173 mm
Minimum order 300 pcs
Expiry date 12 Months
Printing options lollipop: embossing,
label: digital printing

Possible content

If you’re looking for an effective way to solidify your brand, we suggest Logo Pop with embossing directly on a delicious heart-shaped lollipop – a must-have!

The Logo Pop Heart is an original, clean-label lollipop recipe with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in multiple color flavor options to choose from.

We can emboss any character or logo directly on the surface of the lollipop. Personalization is also possible with a self-adhesive label on the foil in which we pack the lollipops – making you stand out twice!

Did you know… we’ve eliminated plastic lollipop sticks? We only use FSC-certified wooden sticks in our Logo Pops, and instead of the recyclable monofoil bag as an option, you can choose a fully compostable PLA bag.