Cat. No: 0104.

Content or glazed gingerbread hearts with filling (105 g total) or rum and cocoa truffles covered in chocolate (145 g total),
ginger stars with butter and honey drenched in milk chocolate (110 g total)
Product option white or kraft paper
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper optional,
100% biodegradable packaging with 100% compostable foil
Dimensions 106 x 55 x 200 mm (with a handle)
Minimum order 50 pcs
Expiry date truffles: 8 months,
gingerbread: 4 months,
cookies: 6 months
Printing options digital printing

Possible content

A truly sweet promotion of your brand? Only with a set of ginger cookies with butter and honey embedded in milk chocolate. Win the hearts and palates of your future customers!

The cookies are packaged in an elegant bag with a mini handle. The packaging has a large printing area and is handy and convenient! We fully personalize it with digital printing, so there are no restrictions on colors, tonal transitions or design complexity. As a result, we can even print a photo of your choice on it!

Why should you be tempted by the Elegance Box? We offer it in a low minimum order quantity, which makes it perfect for advertising campaigns with a smaller scope, such as local.