Cat. No: 0594P

CHOCO TEXT 4 LINE PRINT is as much as 120 g of Belgian UTZ-certified chocolate personalized with any digital print (directly on the chocolate), made with edible and completely safe food inks. The printing technology we use is characterized by the richness of color and the precision of reproducing details.
Product option white or kraft paper
Additional information white paper by default, kraft paper optional,
personalization on packaging and chocolate (graphics on the chocolate),
optional milk-white chocolate (on individual request),
number of characters in the text: 32
Dimensions 253 x 130 x 18 mm
Minimum order 100 pcs
Expiry date 8 months
Printing options package: digital printing,
chocolate: food digital

Possible content

Choco Text Print is a product for maximalists or companies in the process of rebranding who want their brand to be top of mind in their business.

A set of 32 melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, we personalize with the graphic, text or photo of your choice directly on the chocolate! The chocolates, protected by a molding made of R-PET, are sealed in an envelope that you can personalize on both sides with digital printing, thus gaining even more space for your advertisement.

Our all chocolate products are certified by Cocoa Horizons.

Protip: packaging in the form of a resealable envelope will be perfect for shipping!

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