Cat. No: 0173_NXT

NXT Chocolate - for the next generation of chocolate lovers NTX Chocolate is made from 100% plant-based ingredients without any trace of milk or dairy. Chocolate guarantees indulgence and creaminess of traditional milk chocolate, thanks to an innovative ingredient - chufa, otherwise known as tigernut, which is a high-fiber substitute for milk NXT chocolate is better than other vegan chocolates because: IT IS BETTER FOR YOU
  • it is made of delicious, 100% plant-based ingredients, which are a GUARANTEE of TASTE,
  • it is manufactured from the highest quality components included in THE CLEAN LABEL
  • it is distinguished BY HIGH COCOA CONTENT, without affecting its consistency in the mouth,
  • GUARANTEES THE HIGHEST PRODUCTION STANDARD ON THE MARKET - without traces of dairy or milk proteins. Other vegan or plant-based chocolates may contain traces of dairy products,
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN other allergens as strong as, e.g. nuts, which are the most common milk substitute in other vegan chocolates.
  • is certified by the Cocoa Horizons foundation, which means that INGREDIENTS used in its production COME FROM SUSTAINABLE COCOA CULTIVATION, and the production process is carried out in accordance with the HIGHEST ETHICAL PRACTICES
  • Lack of ingredients of animal origin means LESS Co2 emissions, LESS water and energy consumption, LESS usage of planet resources.
Content chocolate bite with additions (10 g total)
Product option foil color: white or transparent,
100% compostable foil
Additional information chocolate with additions: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almond flakes, goji berries, coconut flakes, quinoa, buckwheat and himalayan salt
Flavour plant based chocolate 42% cocoa, without trace amounts of milk
Dimensions 79 x 55 x 5 mm
Minimum order 2000 pcs
Expiry date 8 months
Printing options flexo printing

Possible content

An irregular taffy of vegan chocolate with healthy ingredients is a great idea for a promotional sweet to put in the office. Because we all love sweet surprises, especially guilt-free ones!

100% plant-based, the guaranteed creaminess and pleasure of classic milk chocolate and the innovative ingredient as chufa… – the perfect way to break the mold and surprise your audience. Produced to the highest standard, NXT Generation chocolate will not only taste good to a vegan!

We pack it in a compostable foil in a choice of two colors: white and transparent, and fully personalize it with flexographic printing. Foils printed using this method are distinguished by their high print quality and excellent text legibility. We carry out the printing in both CMYK and Pantone palettes.

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