Cat. No: 0207

Content salted almond in milk chocolate 70 g, strawberry in white chocolate with strawberry dust 50 g, cherry in ruby chocolate with rose petals dust 70 g,
Heart Candies 70 g,
hazelnut in dark chocolate with mint caramel 70 g, peanuts in caramel 70 g, pumpkin seeds in milk chocolate 70 g,
gooseberry in dark chocolate with cocoa 70 g, blackcurrant in white chocolate with lavender dust 70 g,
fig in white chocolate with blueberry dust 70 g, caramelized hazelnuts in dark chocolate 70 g, raspberry in milk chocolate with raspberry dust 60 g,
currant in white chocolate with forest fruits dust 70 g, raisin in white chocolate with coffee 70 g, orange peel in dark chocolate with a hint of Earl Grey 70 g,
coffee bean in dark chocolate 70 g,
almond in milk chocolate with cinnamon 70 g, apricot in dark chocolate with cocoa 70 g, hazelnut in white chocolate with matcha 70 g
Product option white or kraft label
Additional information box to reuse according to the "zero waste" principle,
100% biodegradable packaging with 100% compostable foil
Flavour Heart Candies Plus: cherry, orange, thyme, mint, rose, lavender, elderflower
Dimensions Ø 75 mm, h 70 mm
Minimum order 100 pcs
Expiry date Heart Candies Plus: 12 months,
6 months
Printing options label: digital printing

Possible content

How to solidify the bond with the contractor? With the help of a delicious trinket! Craft Tube M is a package made of kraft paper, ideal for reuse or recycling. We have enclosed in it as many as several of content to choose from!

We guarantee a homemade recipe, artisanal in-house production, pure composition and unique taste. The whole product will be complemented by a personalized label in two types of paper of your choice: white and kraft. And you… what will you choose?

Protip: we encourage you to include icons on the packaging indicating the origin of the cocoa, the paper or the compostability of the foil used, to emphasize your brand’s attention to the environmental aspect.