Cat. No: 0006

Sweet Voucher - with four different types of content to choose from - is a perfect solution for fairs, events or other occasions at which we would like to provide customers with some more information rather than just the regular, sweet “nice to see you” gift. The Sweet Voucher may become a name card or a discount coupon. It may also serve as an invitation to a specific event.
Content or Spice – Caramel Cookie 5,5,
or Mini Bar 10 g,
or milk chocolate heart 5 g,
or milk chocolate flower 6 g,
or Heart Candies 3 g (cherry),
Jelly Pack Heart 10 g (strawberry)
Product option white or kraft paper,
kolor folii dla czekoladowych serc i kwiatków: srebrny, złoty lub czerwony,
kolor etykiety Mini Tabliczki 10 g: biały,
colour of foil for Mini Bar: silver, gold, red, navy blue, black
Additional information white paper label by default, kraft label optional,
two-sided printing,
perforation on the edge makes it easy to tear off the top of the card,
Jelly Pack HeartHeart Candies Spice-Caramel Cookie packegd in 100% compostable foli
Flavour milk chocolate 33% cocoa, white chocolate 36% cocoa butter, dark chocolate 54% cocoa, dark chocolate 72% cocoa, ruby chocolate 47% ruby cocoa, gold caramel chocolate 40% cocoa,,
milk and honey chocolate 33% cocoa, plant based chocolate 42% cocoa, whole fruit chocolate 72% no sugar added, milk and white chocolate
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 10 mm
Minimum order 500 pcs
Expiry date cookies and jellies: 6 months; chocolate: 8 months; candies: 12 month
Printing options digital printing

Possible content

Unusual form of business cards in your company? Yes! How about Sweet Voucher?

In this product you have as many as 6 contents to choose from, giving you a huge number of product combinations! We have also added three novelties to our standard contents: mini chocolates in the shape of a heart, a star and a flower. Each is packaged in 1 of 3 standard foil colors, but there is also the option to customize it to your design, including printing with your logo!

The card is made of FSC certified paper. We designed it to maximize the printing area and allow you to personalize the product as much as possible. The carnet has a perforation, which allows you to easily tear off the top and use it as a coupon or voucher.

Do you need even more advertising space? It’s not a problem, because this product has double-sided printing as standard!

Protip: perforation on the edge of the carnet allows you to easily tear off its top part and use it, for example, as a discount coupon or your company’s business card.

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