Cat. No: 0107/Xmas

Content chocolate figures 50 g and marshmallows 10 g
Product option white paper by default, kraft paper and ecru paper with the addition of grass fibers optional,
logo embossed on the lid (above 1 000 pcs)
Additional information makes 2 servings of hot chocolate
Flavour milk chocolate 33% cocoa, white chocolate 36% cocoa butter, dark chocolate 57% cocoa, dark chocolate 72% cocoa, ruby chocolate 47% ruby cocoa, gold caramel chocolate 40% cocoa,,
milk and honey chocolate 33% cocoa, sugar free milk chocolate 33% cocoa, plant based chocolate 42% cocoa, whole fruit chocolate 72% no sugar added
Dimensions Ø 80 mm, h 95 mm
Minimum order 100 pcs
Expiry date 6 months
Printing options label: digital printing