Promo Roller

Cat. No: 0072.

Content or 90 g mini oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips,
or 80 g of Candy Pack,
or 50 g salty, mini breadstick,
or 50 g salty pretzels,
or 50 g salty crackers,
or 130 g mini cookies in milk, white and dessert chocolate,
80 g of Slodki
Dimensions Ø 60 mm, h 115 mm
Minimum order 200 pcs.
Export carton box 50 pcs.
Expiry date 6 months - pretzels, mini breadsticks, crackers, mini cookies in chocolate,
4 months - mini oatmeal cookies,
12 months - Slodki, Candy Pack
Printing options digital printing

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